Treacherous Friend

I held you in high regard Put all my trust in you Promised to have your back always But then, you repaid In a most unkind way   I remember those moments When I was winning Life was good You came to share my happiness We laughed and smiled And my heart was full of … Continue reading Treacherous Friend


Afraid of the Darkness

When I was a kid, I was afraid of the darkness just like other kids who were my age (I still haven't met a kid who doesn't dread darkness!). Some days, I walked in the darkness back home. I would be playing with friends till darkness engulfed the earth and had to rush home. The … Continue reading Afraid of the Darkness

How Your Smartphone is ruining Your Social Skills

I met this girl. Let’s call her Rose because I didn’t get to know her name. Rose blatantly rejected my company. It was around 3pm. I was seated at a kiosk beside a busy highway observing the daily humdrum of life. She was walking on the sidewalk then stopped near the kiosk. I thought maybe … Continue reading How Your Smartphone is ruining Your Social Skills