As he turned around the corner of a block he came face to face with his neighbour Ngoya. The shabby clothes, dirty kinky hair, reddened eyes, nearly colourless lips and the unsteady gait portrayed the typical alcoholic. He would wake up very early to get a dose of his ‘medicine’ at his favorite den. He … Continue reading THUG THUG (PART TWO)


The beauty with history is that you get to compare past generations and future generations. Many of us believe that our generation is better than the previous generation. Their sentiments are acceptable. I mean who would rather have lived in 1916??It’s okay to claim that your generation is way better than the past generation. It … Continue reading KNOWLEDGE-PHOBIA?


The obvious belief has been that no one can achieve perfection. I completely agree with this age old truth. What intrigues me, however, is the tendency of man to endeavor to achieve perfection. Everyone always wants to be perfect. Many people would have succeeded at this quest had there been no flaws in humans. This … Continue reading CHASING PERFECTION


One of the most important things a writer strives to have is the inspiration to write. That mainly goes for creative writers. Being a creative writer is a bit challenging as you have to explain yourself in such a way that the reader will remain captivated till the end. On the other hand,creative writing is … Continue reading INSPIRATION