The beauty of life

My mind is clear Clear as the sky on a cloud-less day My heart palpitates with joy My face, in a constant grin   And yet, there are days when I feel as if I’m falling into a bottomless pit Of sorrow and despair Feelings of unworthiness Consume my whole being   But then, later, … Continue reading The beauty of life



I see you, my love Beautiful Cleopatra Jewel of the Sahara You're on in a million   We stand, side by side Gazing at the waters, As the waves, splash against the rocks The mere hold of your hand Fills in me, a kind of stillness   You know me, better than anyone else My … Continue reading Cleopatra

A Look into Robert Frost’s The Road Not Taken

I have many memories of my high school life. One that will be forever etched in my mind was something we were taught by Mr. Muchiri, a teacher of English and Literature. Of the many valuable lessons he gave us, one of them was Robert Frost’s poem The Road Not Taken. He reminded kept reminding … Continue reading A Look into Robert Frost’s The Road Not Taken