Who Will Stand by You, When All is Lost?

There’s an anecdote I’ve always loved. A guy, let’s name him Paul, had to leave for war at a young age of 20. He could have opted out and stayed safe but he loved his country and wanted to join other brave men of his nation. So off Paul went. The war lasted for about 2 years, where Paul’s country emerged victorious. Unfortunately, Paul lost his legs while fighting and he had to be carried around like a toddler and watch his compatriots go on with the struggle.

The generals assured him that he had gotten injured performing an honourable duty for his country and the government would take care of him till the day the sun set on his life. Paul however blamed himself and saw himself as a burden to his colleagues and in future to his family.

Before the returned home,he wrote a lengthy letter to his parents explaining the course of the war and assuring them that he was fine. He asked his mum and dad one favour. His colleague had been crippled  during the war and he had no close relatives. He asked his parents if they would take him as their own son. After much thought his parents agreed. They didn’t know that the said young man was their own son! I remember that story and I can’t help but compare it to the kind of friends we have.

It’s a fact that most of our buddies are are still around because we are doing well. When you start falling, they will avoid you like a plague. Who wants to hang around someone who is struggling anyway?

I believe some of the biggest discoveries I am making these days has to be on the true nature of human beings (most of them). Finding that one friend who will stick by you through thick and thin isn’t an easy task. If you’ve ever gotten into trouble you’ve obviously experienced this. A friend who enjoyed the good times with you doesn’t want to be associated with you in any manner.

There is however, a handful who will do whatever they can do to see that your life returns to normalcy. They consider you part of your family and genuinely care about you. Guard their friendship jealously. In this man eat man society, they’re a gem.



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