A Year Older, A Year Wiser

Yesterday was my birthday. That day when everyone wishes that you blow a thousand and one candles, which translates to living to a ripe old age; where you get to see your great grandchildren and lose nearly all your teeth.. Despite the fact that it signifies an increase in knowledge and wisdom considering the experiences I have gone through since I popped into this world, it was also a day to celebrate all the good things that life had offered me.

The notion of birthdays is a western culture that is meant to celebrate the day of our birth. I tried to picture the my ancestors two hundred years ago. Considering that our way of life then made it difficult for them to invent a form of writing, there was no such thing as birthdays. Next time someone nags you for a birthday present, tell them blatantly that our ancestors spent thousands of years without celebrating any birthday yet here we are. ( I am not to blame for the consequences!).

Back then then you would ask when someone was born and you’d be told he was born during the season of the locusts. Some successful motivational speaker some years back advised people to make new year resolutions and work diligently in order to achieve them before the year ended. The few times I have made resolutions I found out that by December I had achieved one or two out of ten or none at all. The guilt and feelings of inferiority weigh you down and you wish you hadn’t even made any resolutions.

In January there is always that mentality that you have a whole twelve months in front of you so you tend to make unrealistic resolutions. I’m not sure if it works for you. For me it doesn’t. The only solution I have resorted to is planning on achieving one goal, in most cases one that is short term, then when I complete it I move on to the next one. Anyway, as I always say, its the first page of a new chapter in the book of my life. My heartfelt gratitude goes to those who have brought laughter, joy and inspiration into my life.








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