Of Negativity in Life

A tortoise can live over two centuries, spending its days crawling and eating. I did ask myself once why it was that a tortoise was given so much years on this planet and not the human being; the most intelligent of all creatures. Look, the tortoise doesn’t have to abide by any laws, it doesn’t need to marry, it doesn’t need to go to hospital or travel to the Maasai Mara to watch the Wildebeest migration. Yet it lives that long. We have a lot of things we could do but the cruel hand of death always snatches us when we least expect it.
Scientists claim that the sole purpose of any creature is to survive. Yea, that Charles Darwin theory that only the fittest survive and their generations live on. Someone once told me you can either be a rose among thorns or be the thorns that surround the roses. You can be a torch that guides people to greatness or the slippery path that throws them on the ground.
We get exposed to so much negative energy in the course of our time on this planet that we do not make significant progress in our lives. It is pretty difficult to deal with people who are focused on bringing you down, unless you are made of concrete. Some utterances may crush your spirit, and they may be made intentional or unintentional, as I have come to conclude.
In Kenya, most parents have occasionally told their kids; “soma kwa bidii, maisha huku nje ni ngumu” (study hard, life outside school is tough). I want to state this clearly before, going on. I understand what parents and guardians mean by this but then, what kind of mentality are you pumping into your child? The mentality that life is tough. That life is riddled with trials and tribulations. That once they clear their studies having gotten distinctions, they will live a Floyd Mayweather-esque lifestyle.
The question of whether you will make it depends on how you react to negativity. It might be that friend who discourages you on every project you undertake. You can easily judge whether an opinion is genuine or if it is meant to facilitate your downfall. Negativity also comes from people who are so much older than you. They speak of the years of pain they went through before achieving their goals and so ask you to brace yourself!!
I am tired of hearing a one-sided life experience story. They don’t tell you of the delight that comes with achieving those short term goals. They don’t tell you that every experience in life makes you a better person. They don’t tell you that the most important thing is finding fulfillment in the things you love to do. Your goal, henceforth, should be to grab any negative energy thrown at you and fling it far away. Far from the path that leads to your success.


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