The Problem with Our Celebrity-Worshipping Generation

Most probably you have, on several occasions, fantasized that lady luck smiled at you and you were immediately transformed from a mere nobody to a superstar, a household name. We’ve all had these day dreams, and we are living in an era where the cult of celebrity is at its peak. But then, who doesn’t want to be famous?
We have this part of us that always aches for recognition. For attention. To be the one on the spotlight. The one everyone gets to talk about and ooh I forgot, the one people think of when they want to make memes! In his hit song ‘Ambition’, featuring Meek Mill and Rick Ross, Wale raps, ’take my heart away from money, I ain’t interested in fame, and I pray that never changes.’ He implies that fame isn’t as good as we may think.
The internet hasn’t helped at all, in regard to the issue of celebrity culture. I still believe that the discovery of the internet is similar to the invention of the wheel in many ways. These two discoveries, happening many generations apart, heralded a revolution, a change in the way man conducts his activities on the only liveable planet in the entire galaxy. If you have dreams of becoming famous one day, hold them close to your heart, don’t keep reading with a hardened heart, thinking all I want is you to live as a common member of our species.
Fame is a wrapped gift that comes with tones of advantages. Some people didn’t even have to sweat to be famous! Take an example of athletes. One only needs to show that he can kick a football better that his peers, and with some doses of ambition and determination, football catapults him to fame. Or artists, once you discover that you can sing perfectly well without auto tune, you may be destined to become the next Whitney Houston. Celebrities are adored by their fans. I think ‘idolised’ is a better term.
I remember reading on a psychology website that a human being is born with a void which can only be filled by believing in something greater. A deity. Something that can explain how the earth has been rotating around the sun millions of years and has never crossed the path of a comet. Ever wondered why every single community on the face of this planet had a religion? Well there is the explanation. The contemporary world, however, is becoming more and more secular. People turn to science when they are unable to unravel the various mysteries of the universe. They are left with celebrities, who they treat like demi-gods.
So much for the rumbling. Yes, you excessively adore this famous person. It’s like you worship him/her. You are up to date with all details of their lives. In short, we treat them like role models. What happens when we gladly agree with anything these celebrities say? We lose ourselves, we cease being the original version of us hence, have a distorted view of the world. When we find out that some of these famous people are devoid of good character, reality hits us hard. It’s like our world crumbles. What happens when someone you have revered for more than ten years turns out to be a rapist? Or when that athlete you always think embodies diligence and humility, is found to have been doping since time immemorial? Or when it turns out that your kids started smoking when they saw their ‘idol’ doing the same? Reality smacks you on the face and reminds you that a celebrity is not a life’s guidebook.
Some of the so called celebrities are not usually aware that they have so much influence on society. They will do crap ad still have fans screaming their names when once the spot them. Kudos to celebrities who know what they are, and are striving to make a difference in the lives of young people. As for the young person aspiring to be like a particular famous person, I got only one thing to say to you, only pick the good characters from them. Following them blindly might be the beginning of the end of your dreams.



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