Of the new year, the promises


The first month of 2017 is fast approaching its end, and I recently noticed that I hadn’t published anything this year. It’s a new year, a new beginning, a time to set goals and hope to achieve them in the next twelve months. Whoever invented the calendar must have been a genius because it literally runs our daily lives. It is what pushes people to do great things and make new beginnings. I’ve heard nearly all my friends say they’d quit all the habits that seemed to pull them away from progress because it’s a new year.

This must be the trend across the globe. If you want to begin or quit doing a particular thing, why not do it right away. Why wait for the fireworks display as the world enters a new year to decide? It’s useless to make ten resolutions for the New Year and only achieve one for the whole twelve months. It reminds me of my primary school days when after doing our exams, you had pupils who had outclassed you, so the only thing to do was to study hard and beat them in the next exam. In a culture where academics is highly valued, getting high grades is something that easily earns you the title ‘genius’ a term we have corrupted to mean an entirely different thing.

I view a new year just as any other day of the previous year. A time to think clearly of what I’m going to do in the next twelve months under the sun.  I like to compare the ambitious person to a shopkeeper. The shopkeeper has to wake up early because he/she knows that there will be customers at that time, and more time between the sheets means loss of profit. Shopkeepers hardly have any time to waste. They have to wake up early open their shops and sell till evening. The next day it’s the same routine. The goal is to wake up early and be ready for opportunities (customers) which will knock at their opened counters.


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