That Moment of Fame is All We Crave


Some weeks have passed since Bahati; a famous young Kenyan gospel artist got the president out of his seat during a function. He proceeded to sit and sang to the first lady, leaving the head of state amused. This event sparked an online debate on whether it was right for him to do such a thing. Conservatives claimed that the president’s seat wields power and only he should be allowed to sit on it. Many brushed it aside and said that it was just another form of entertainment and our liberal president took it lightly.

Bahati has since added the “Ghetto President” to his ever-growing list of titles and is even cashing in on that one moment that made him a topic of discussion in the whole of Kenya. My friend, who is a passionate fan of the gospel artist swears that he must acquire one of those shirts printed “Ghetto President,” which are currently on sale. It occurred to me that the best gift you can give 21st-century young adults, the so-called the Y-generation, is fame.

Truth be told. We all crave recognition. The feeling of swimming in the vast waters of glory while everyone else is watching with awe. A feat very few individuals achieve in their lifetime. Take the case of the woman in Nyanza province who was pleading to the government for help in a television interview.

It happened after a flood had swept her house and properties, leaving both her kids and herself at the mercy of the mean world. We all thought the manner of her explicit pleading was hilarious. Many people offered to help her. She also landed a business deal with Safaricom. I guess she is a successful entrepreneur wherever she is.

One of the tools everyone is trying to use to achieve a celebrity status is the internet. All those photos and videos with catchy captions posted on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, are meant to catch the attention of others. Our social media accounts create a platform for us to express ourselves.

What happens when your post goes viral? I have never interviewed celebrities who attained their fame through this means but what I know is it is very easy to be successful when you are popular. I do understand that a post may go viral for the wrong reason but let’s focus on the positive aspect of it.

One morning a struggled out of bed and decided to check what was happening on Twitter. I love rap music, so when I saw Soulja Boy’s name among the trending topics, I became curious because his music career is waning. It was nothing serious. He was in conflict with another rapper over a 19-year old girl. Petty, right? Most of the tweets were aimed at his failing career while others tried to explain how important he was in the rap industry. Some referred to him as a legend.

I was checking the list of tweets when I came across an article on how Soulja Boy influenced hip-hop. Here is a guy who rose to stardom when he was just 16. At that age, he had money and fame. I remember when I was that age I was in high school, studying hard to qualify for college.

Soulja Boy was the first rapper to attain a celebrity status through the internet. His mixtapes went viral, and the rest was history. It was a life of fame and wealth from then. His lyrical prowess may be lower than most rappers, but he achieved one thing, fame through the internet. Many other entertainers learned through him and made their way to the world stage using ‘his’ methods.

Almost anything you do can go viral, by the way. The beauty of living in our age is that when something you do goes viral, and people love it, then consider yourself star. Fans will be eager to know every detail of your life. The most important thing is doing what you love. One day you will be given a platform to showcase your skills, and that might be your breakthrough. Impressing others is not enough. Focus on honing your craft and everything will fall into place.


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