A World of Opposites

They say it’s a world of opposites. I couldn’t agree more. All manner of opposites present themselves once you take a critical look at the levels of socio-economic status of various people all over the world. Generally we have three levels; low, middle and high. Human beings look at the world differently. Have you ever wondered why? You may say it’s because everyone is unique. This has some degree of truthfulness. The main thing that influences the way we perceive the world is our socio-economic status.

Almost everyone has used public transport. I mostly use matatus (vans in Kenya used for public transport). The matatus usually stop at market centres to drop passengers and pick others. As soon as it comes to a halt hawkers swam the vehicle as vultures do the remains left by a lion. They sell various commodities; grains, fruits, handkerchiefs, combs, head phones-anything you can think for. Many times I have seen kid-hawkers also compete their older colleagues to make a few shillings. What immediately comes to mind is that kids shouldn’t be doing stuff like that at such an early age.

No, you can’t intervene. You are also to busy trying to make ends meet. Deep down you know you would prohibit kids from such activities if you had the power. They bring you the commodities and confidently tell you to buy. The confidence that comes with having done the job for a long time. They are good at bargaining too. Their pleading eyes betray them. They hope you buy something. You imagine the kids are mostly raised by a single mother, whose grocery store is the only source of income for her and her five bastard kids. If they have a father he’s probably a drunkard who has made getting high his permanent job.

You study for over sixteen years and waste more looking for a decent job. After you get one you struggle to live a good life just to let everyone know that the education you got wasn’t in vain. Sportsmen make millions over-night. They only have to do what they love. Successful entertainers also make the same amount you would make in a year at one concert. The politician you voted for is only interested in embezzling funds and holding rallies to woo voters when the election year approaches. So ironical. It is how the world is. A world of opposites. They say opposites attract .True. I say opposites of the same socio-economic status attract more. True, but then they’re all opposites, aren’t they?


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