Sometimes, Care Less!

8 am. I am seated having breakfast outside the house. The weariness of the previous night, got from the activities in my dreams or turning several times on my bed (I don’t know which) still with me. I watch as some small birds (never really known their name), which have built their nests on the ceiling of the house fly down to look for something to eat. There are usually alert, picking up the particles with their beaks and looking around for any threat. How the discovered they could squeeze in through the opening of the iron sheets and find waterproof residence in the ceiling I don’t know. This is the routine each and I have come to admire the carefree lives of these little creatures. I was having a little chat with a friend a few days ago and our conversation came to center on a certain group of people.( now don’t imagine I gossip!) We came to discover that we knew of around three to four people who were always happy. We had never once set eyes on them when they were sad. Never had they exposed their problems through their facial expressions or manner of speaking. There was always a smile on their face when you bumped into them. And we agreed that people should be like them. That was an admirable trait. It was hard to be like them but we would try to.​
Everyone gets sick at some point their life. Even those born to the purple who receive the best care a human being can offer. Troubles are just the same as sickness. Everyone has them. Remaining calm and keeping a smiling face when facing adversities is quite difficult. I admire possess the rare trait of happiness-at-all times.

You don’t have to let everyone who meets you on the way know that there’s something wrong in your life. Don’t go around looking like a scarecrow because of some problem which can be solved with time.

I have discovered that happiness is contagious. Meet a cheerful individual in the morning and the rest of the day will be awesome. Meet a sullen-faced person and you will find it hard to smile at anyone during the day. I haven’t side that you shouldn’t look for help, but be your normal self when around people. Some people have way more troubles than you but they don’t show it to everyone who cares to look their way.


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