The Struggles within our ‘very important little worlds’

The past few weeks has seen Kenyan media houses feed its audiences with trash. It was really shocking for them to keep on demonizing gambling day in day out saying it was promoting bad morals and hindering personal development. The last time I checked gambling is as old as prostitution. Some corrupt politicians were even interviewed on the matter and declared gambling a national crisis. It was so ironical. While they are busy stealing the tax payers’ money, they dare say something of the sort. When someone gambles with a huge sum of money, loses and decides the solution is to go and hang on a tree with thick branches in the dead of night, that’s none of your business! Gambling is a topic for another day though.

The human being is born, lives for a couple of decades and dies. The universe remains as it was, as it is and as it will be. The earth keeps rotating on its axis and revolving around the sun, oblivious of the short life man has on it. Man is considered the most intelligent creature here on earth, though his actions show him to be no different from a chimp. There’s always that animal inside us. That thing which triggers jealousy, greed, prejudice and self-centeredness. 

We are always waiting for that favourable break. The ‘luck’ that will enable us acquire enough earthly riches and enjoy life till we are wrinkled our bones are weak. We are all always thinking of a good life. Sometimes I sit and visualize myself playing golf on weekends, Watching the River Thames with a goblet of wine, touching the statues on Easter Island and making multiple trips to the Amazon to see the beautiful creatures on the brink of extinction. When I think clearly I see that chances of me ever making it and fulfilling those desires are slim. But I will have that chance, if I get that favourable break.

The desire to live a good life is what triggers us to pursue success, to be like so and so who have already made it. It’s what pushes people to save for retirement; coz struggling when you’re old is one of the most painful experiences. I know that not from experience, but from watching. Not everyone knows this however. Not everyone can save just enough to survive the last few years of his life watching the sunset and enjoying the laughter of grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Perhaps the designer of life meant it to be that way. 

The world where a labourer has to exhaust himself to old age, while a vast majority of elites spend more time looking down upon the less privileged than enjoying life. The luckiest people are those in the middle class. Those who live with the comfort that there’s someone lower in the social class and someone higher. They are presented with the choice of the three. Going up, maintaining, or going down. Their choices are spread over the three of them. Such is life. A planet revolving around the sun and rotating on its axis as it has always done, oblivious of the individual struggles of its most intelligent inhabitants.  


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