When two great football teams known for their fierce rivalry lock horns many people usually follow with interest to see which will come on top. You will have a hard time convincing their fans that chances of their team winning are slim. This is normal. Nobody loves losing. The two teams get on the pitch and players from both sides are psyched up to play the game of their lives. They know the match has received so much hype and they cannot afford to crumble under pressure. The game kicks off and after ninety minutes we have a winner and a loser.


The jubilation of the winners is evident from their wide grins while the losers put on a face full of frowns. Despite their loss, they have to embrace their opponents before leaving the pitch. This one loss should not define their relationship. They understand why they lost and look forward to working with their coach to right their wrongs. I am using this illustration to show the contrast between a football match and the political scene in the country. The previous weeks we have watched in bewilderment as the top opposition CORD made a fool of itself and its supporters while the Jubilee government remained stiff-necked, a trait common with many African governments.
I sit and contemplate where we are headed as a country. We are a third world country, for heaven’s sake, and our political leaders are intent on not letting us move to the next level. They want the poverty levels to remain high. They want to beguile their supporters with empty promises. They want the gap between the rich and the poor to widen. They want to drive in their Range Rovers while your whole body aches from trekking. They want YOUR kids to work for their kids in future. Kenyans, how long are we going to remain silent while they throw shit at us all the time? You probably support one of the political parties and will reject any ideology that goes against that of the party you are affiliated to.
You are a KENYAN first before you are a supporter of any politician. We are in the 21st century but our economy is crippled. We are in debt. We continue to depend on the so-called first world countries. We continue to import products we can manufacture ourselves. We aren’t looking at the bigger picture. We continue to elect leaders who are selfish and greedy. We continue to condone the highest levels of mediocrity. Our courts have failed to bring to book some perpetrators of law since they are “BIG MEN/WOMEN.”  There’s a common saying that evil thrives not because of evil men but because of good men who see it and remain silent.


We are living in a country where we compare ourselves with the likes of Uganda and Zimbabwe and say that we are democratic. My primary school teacher taught me that democracy simply means a government of the people, by the people and for the people. Here in this so-called economic giant of East Africa there is no trace of democracy.
The government is virtually run by the haves. The have-nots are left to the mercy of the “Mheshimiwas.” You will see them smiling at everyone in the village and occasionally giving cash handouts of ksh.50 in exchange for support. Kenyans love such kind of “generosity” and will overlook a person with leadership qualities and vote in the imbecile whose only aim is to embezzle funds while in office. I’m not saying all Kenyans are like this but some of us are crippling our efforts to move forward as a country. I congratulate leaders who are working for the betterment of our beloved country. Dear Kenyans, let’s not allow anyone to destroy what we’ve been struggling to build for 53 years.


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