What Makes Us Human?

The phrase ‘The end justifies the means’ was made popular by Niccolo Machiavelli in his book The Prince. He advises that political leaders should focus more on results than on how to attain those results. It’s quite interesting to note that he said it’s better to be feared than to be loved. His idea of the right kind of leader was one who was sly, intelligent and devoid of emotion. Many people believe his writings while others believe a leader with such qualities is not fit to rule. I’m not doing a review of that book in case you are harboring such thoughts. I look at the world and wonder if at all we all qualify to be called HUMAN beings.
Scientists will obviously say that we are human beings because we belong to the human species. This in fact sets us apart from all the other creatures on earth. No creature is close to the human species looking at all we have achieved. We rule the earth. Considering this fact it is only logical to say that we are all equal. Ironically our economic, social and political systems have made us act like we aren’t humane at all. The disparity in the social status has made some feel less human. Walk around the streets and meet disabled beggars, vagrants and street kids.


What really makes you human is EMOTIONS. Everyone has emotions. It’s obvious women are the more emotional of the two sexes. They are allowed to express their emotions while men are supposed to suppress them and act like NOTHING HAPPENED. I don’t really know what it is like in the other parts of the globe but in Africa men are supposed to keep a brave face in difficulty and a plain face in happiness. One way of influencing a person is appealing to their emotions. Adolf Hitler is considered one of the most evil men in the history of mankind. How come he was able to marshal such huge followings and instruct his countrymen to commit atrocities that are only fit to be seen in horror films? He was a pretty good orator.
Good speakers are known to get so many supporters because they are able to connect with them emotionally. What is really killing our sense of compassion is selfishness. We only think about ourselves and those close to us. Why not think about the big family of our species? In the contemporary world it is very difficult to find someone you can trust. People are always trying to outdo each other and this is not healthy for our lives on this planet. It is impossible to right the wrongs of the world but it is possible to treat everyone as a friend, whatever the social status. You might get stuck somewhere in life and the only person available to push you is one who you treated like trash.


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