Picking Up the Broken Pieces



There are some experiences that we all always think we’re immune against. Somehow in our minds we feel that it can’t and won’t happen to us. Then ‘boom!’ it happens and suddenly you feel that it would be better if the world opened up and swallowed you never to be seen on the face of the earth again.  These moments include some of the lowest moments in our lives. Some people, however, are unable to resist the pressure of disillusionment. They may be forced to make decisions that aren’t made by any rational person.


It’s is without doubt that we all have gone through such experiences and how we handle them makes all the difference. It marks the difference between achievers and non-achievers, performers and non-performers, the genius and the ordinary and the optimist and the pessimist. I like viewing life as a play. Imagine someone is watching the play and you are an actor or actress. In the play we have situations where you are faced by adversity.


For the play to progress perfectly and keep the enthusiastic audience hooked up, you have to find a way to turn that diversity into fortune. In some cases the actor/actress fails to realize the context of the set up and wallows in the misery that is brought by the misfortune he/she faces. It happens to many of us but in most cases, like the legend of the Phoenix, we rise from ashes to life. We cannot do this all the time by ourselves. In the system of life all human beings depend on each other. The faint hearted always need someone to guide them through the darkest part of their lives. This can be done by close family members, friends, therapists or even complete strangers.


The most successful people in this planet had to go through some tough times to make it. They had to jump all hurdles that came their way, no matter how weary they had become. It’s really funny that we get depressed sometimes. When a kid is born it’s a certainty that he/she will go through the highs and lows of life. It does not discriminate, whether you are born to a royal family or to a billionaire, you will have to experience happiness and sadness. What is vital is not losing our heads in both situations, especially the latter.



One thought on “Picking Up the Broken Pieces

  1. It is such an inspiring article to many and especially me. It is true we create our own happiness. More or less happiness is not the absenceof problems it is how we deal with them.

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