Are You Talented?



I was chatting with friends the other day and we got to the topic of talents. One of my friends didn’t was stressed about not having discovered his God-Given talent. It’s is actually a contentious issue. What we must acknowledge is that we are not all the same. Some people will discover their talents when very young while some people will not seem to discover any trace of talent in them their entire lives. It’s not something that you just discover. A talent is almost always first discovered by the people around you.

I checked the dictionary for the meaning and this is what I got; “a marked natural ability or skill.” This sums up what entails a talent. It has to be natural which means that it’s something that you are born with, something in you that doesn’t need any training to discover. One question that always puzzled humanity is whether leaders are born or made. We cannot know since you can’t tell a natural leader from a born leader. What we all know that made leaders had to practice a lot to make it.

This however does not mean that those with talents do not need to practice to better it. The only talent you don’t practice to perfect is sleeping, which I doubt anyone has! A talent ought to be nurtured as soon as it is discovered. Failure to do this is akin to sitting on your opportunities. You will never take advantage of them until you decide to get up.


Once developed, you could gain recognition all over the world. Your name will be known by many generations to come. Look at people who lived hundreds of years ago and we still read or hear about them in the 21st century. Among them Picasso, Mozart, Shakespeare. They would dine with kings courtesy of their talents. It’s no different in our time. We have individuals whose talents have brought them global recognition. What’s great about nurturing your talent is that you earn a living out of it. You can get really wealthy by serving or entertaining people with that skill that only very few people like you posses.

Still waiting from a banner waiting to drop from the sky baring your talent? What’s your purpose in life? A few years back I used to wonder what my purpose is in life. To date I haven’t really found my purpose. What I know is that your purpose is deeply connected to your talent/skill. Your purpose revolves around what you love the things you are passionate about. For now, those who have discovered the talents and are realizing their full potential are safe. If you are still wallowing is in the depths of ignorance, fear not, get involved in many more activities and no one will be more delighted than you when you finally shout; Eureka!!



2 thoughts on “Are You Talented?

  1. Talent goes hand in hand with Passion. Problem is, people are more angled towards jobs that are lucrative more than those they are passionate about. That way, talent and all it’s beauty, is on its way to extinction.


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