If i could buy that lifestyle

Isn’t it great to be rich? I do not know what your answer is but I know that 75% of people want to be rich. Every day of our lives, we (those who are not wealthy-the middle class and the low class) we yearn for wealth and hope that we will one day get rich. It’s no surprise that an ailing old man also has the same fantasies of getting rich as a thirteen year old. Unfortunately the world always has its way and few people make it to the peak. They are the people that we look at and feel that there has to be a way, somehow, of one day living their lifestyle.images

I know idealists will not agree with me. These are the people who are of the opinion that the most important things in life are love, kindness, empathy, patience et cetera. Basically their point is us being our brother’s keeper. That is their version of being rich. It’s true these values are important to any living soul but the reality is that we are living in a world that is extremely materialistic and capitalist. Here we do not really want to share what we have with any other person apart from family and a few friends.maxresdefault

Walk around nowadays and all you will find-the activities and the discussions are about money making. Some have even resorted to unorthodox ways of getting cash like gambling, defraudation, theft, embezzlement, prostitution et.c This is because we use the social status to gauge how successful a person is. If you have more wealth then you’ll probably command more respect than the common person. A rich person will walk head high, the paragon of confidence and greatness. The common people will always be in awe of their lifestyles. This is the main reason why they usually attract a bunch of paparazzi wherever they go. Ever wondered why you love watching those ‘fake’ reality shows? Simple. It’s because you also wish to be rich like those actors. When you are rich you don’t watch reality shows, you make ‘em.tumblr_mxamerZDjE1s79vmxo1_500

We also have another category made up of a few people who detest the wealthy guy. They believe that the rich acquired their wealth through dishonest means. These are the kind of people who claim that those rich people will be punished in the end. I have one word for the; Jealous. The idea that we might one day drive flashy cars, go to the best restaurants, skydive in Dubai or even buy an island all should motivate us not discourage us. I always say enjoy your short stint here on earth, so look for money but don’t lose your head looking for it.


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