The beauty with history is that you get to compare past generations and future generations. Many of us believe that our generation is better than the previous generation. Their sentiments are acceptable. I mean who would rather have lived in 1916??It’s okay to claim that your generation is way better than the past generation. It is similar to the case where we expect the child to be better than the parent. An ideal parent raises his kids well and the kids get to know of the mistakes they made in life, so they obviously have all the ingredients to spice up their lives success-wise. In reality this is not always what happens so you are right to also expect the child to grow up and become a useless person.
What I’m trying to put across is that we can make our generation a better one by carrying on with the beneficial characteristics of the past generation and discarding the useless ones. Again, we live in a world of reality and more often than not this is not what happens .It’s easier to see that the technological advancements and discoveries make this generation actually better. I imagine what most of you would be doing if taken back 70 years. You wouldn’t obviously be in possession of your phone, laptop or tablet. No internet. No movies. What would you be doing?

Leaving the visualization to you, the sheer aversion of our generation to acquiring knowledge and its appreciation is astonishing. What happened to the craving that people 25 years ago had for knowledge? What happened to the sense of perseverance that prevailed during that time? Where did the creativity and authenticity that most possessed at that time go? We have become enslaved by the same technology that we so much cherish. There is nothing as bad as mental slavery, just to echo the sentiments of black civil rights activist, the late Malcolm X.
We like to keep everything short and terse. We are the short-cut generation. One would prefer reading the short, interesting and amusing messages on Whatsapp than the ‘boring’ contents of a 700 page book. I find this quite ironical. It’s really difficult to stop the habit once you are used it. If you have the desire to stop it maybe you can start by reading articles, short e-books and then eventually embark on the ‘real books’.
When we are born into this world we find already established systems and the only option we have is to conform. Conform to the norms. Most people do. While we might hide in the safety of masses, we also risk the possibility of losing ourselves. The good thing we have is that each generation has that small percentage that wants to make the world a better place than they found it, even if it means going against the societal norms. Notable personalities like Martin Luther, Galilei Galileo, Henry Ford, Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi, Chinua Achebe .You might be next in line.

Life is really short here on earth and we as humans have to maximize every second of our short stint here on this planet. This is by making it a better place to live in. We don’t always have to follow the rules coz we have to follow them; we should follow them because we have thought carefully over them and decided they are worth adhering to. We need to be open minded. That is one step that will inspire us to seek knowledge coz knowledge is the key to a clear conscience. I won’t tire you with my musings; I’ll stop here, but your train of thoughts shouldn’t.


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