The obvious belief has been that no one can achieve perfection. I completely agree with this age old truth. What intrigues me, however, is the tendency of man to endeavor to achieve perfection. Everyone always wants to be perfect. Many people would have succeeded at this quest had there been no flaws in humans. This is actually good, you should in fact be happy about your flaws coz it’s what prevents you from being a monster. Can you visualize a person who is perfect and does not need anyone for anything? I recently read an article urging people to flaunt their flaws. There are many reasons why you need to flaunt those flaws. The feelings of self-hate and the inferiority complex might weigh heavily on you. Smile about that one particular aspect of your body or life that you don’t like. It’s what makes you human.

I am a great fan of football. It’s astonishing to see the extent to which a club will go to build the perfect team. The team that will win titles. The team that will earn respect. The team that achieves consistency. The team that never loses. The club owners get the best players, the best medical staff, best coaching stuff, build the best academy and construct the classiest stadiums. This does not guarantee success as all clubs do these things. It may seem bad luck if a certain club seems to be getting poor results day in day out.

When a singer decides to use auto-tune to enhance her track, it’s perfectly normal. Very few people posses the angelic voice. The tricky part is when the same singer is asked to do the acoustic version of the track. It will mostly sound awful. Many poor people think that the rich people are perfect in all aspects of their lives, a notion which is far-fetched. This notion will surely chain them eternally in the dungeons of wretchedness.

I love history. It’s almost impossible for me to write an article without referring to events in history. When the white men came to Africa it was easy for them to make Africans captives in their own territories. This is of course purely due to the fact that the white men had developed military forces and sophisticated weapons. The Africans came to believe that these white men were superior and never died. Those who had gone to fight in the Second World War in places like Burma got to witness first-hand white men actually dying and some crying. The Africans came to realize that they were also humans. It’s what pushed them to try and liberate the lands of their births.

Striving towards perfection is not actually a bad thing. If you think critically, you realize that all people, mostly the ambitious are striving to become the best. This is by trying to be perfect in all their undertakings. What is really not healthy is being obsessed with this. Being the perfectionist. I am striving for perfection, not to be perfect, but so I should be the best. So should you.




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