I have always been shocked by how humans tend to be awed by their own reflection. It’s something that’s really unfathomable. Why would you be excited by your own image, your own self-having been so familiar with your-SELF? In the Greek mythology, a story is told of hunter Narcissus, who was known for his beauty. One day as he walked he arrived at a pool and saw a reflection of himself and fell in love with it. He didn’t realize it was his own image. He died of hunger hunger beside the pool being unable to obtain the object of his desire. This goes to show how people can be obsessed with themselves or posses that high degree of narcissism.


The mirror is actually one of the most essential inventions ever made, though of course we can’t really put it in the same category as the wheel; we all know what the wheel has evolved to be. People couldn’t stop admiring their reflections in the mirror, so it increased in size till one could see a full size image. I usually wished to have seen how the amazement in the faces of natives of Africa, Australia or the Americas when they first saw- an object in which you could see yourself in. It gets a bit weird for animals though, they think it’s another animal in the mirror and they may try to fight it or make an acquaintance with it.
When taking a walk, it’s quite easy to notice a common trend. A person or group of people of people posing for a selfie.So obsessed with the selfie is our generation that it triggered the coining of the word itself. All selfies however are not as good as the taker intended. I have realized it gives some ladies the illusion that they are gorgeous. What they do is invest on beautifying their faces…the creams, eye shadow, fake eye lashes et cetera.When they post the selfie all guys will be lusting on them…but when one ‘lucky guy’ gets to meet the lady he’ll most likely opine that the selfie lady and the real lady are two different people. I have actually come to the opinion that our ladies dress for the cameras, not for decency. If you’ve started thinking am sexist I apologize but I couldn’t resist using ladies as an example depicting our generation’s obsession with the selfie.This obsession cuts across both sexes.
I made an ingenious connection between the the selfie and reflection. 2015 has come to an end and one usual activity is people making resolutions that they will rarely adhere to. Think of life as the selfie.At the end of the year you take a selfie.You carefully scrutinize that 2015 sefie and reflect on the events of the year. Look at the strengths,weaknesses,opportunities and threats that you had in 2015.Just as a bevy of girls swam around the Smartphone to see how they appeared in the selfie,be curious to know the pros and cons of the past year. Reflect on them, resolve to right the wrongs, grab opportunities when you see them and work on improving your relationship with others. The most important thing is having that intrinsic force to keep you going. The force that is self- motivation.



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