It has taken a while for me to craft this piece of writing. I have genuinely been appalled by some of the acts done by most of our university students. I am talking about undergraduates…leave alone  those doing their Masters and don’t even think about the one’s doing their PhDs. It is perfectly normal for these students to be egomaniacs. They have a jolly good reason for that. They claim they are on course to completing the last phase of the ‘toughest’ education system in the world. The toughness being talked about here is the providence of numerous subjects(some completely irrelevant in life).The exams are also as tough as it requires a lot of studying,it being too theoretical. Wait,most don’t even study,they cram. So one can simply conclude that in Kenya having secured a place at the university is some sort of achievement. It is a place where you’d expect maturity and independence in thinking,but this feat has been achieved by only a handful of students. It is easy to notice how the crowd mentality is robbing our students off their sense of reasoning,ambition and courtesy. Social psychologist Tamara Avant says social psychology does offer relevant explanations for mob mentality. When people are part of a group,they often experience deindividualization,or loss of self-awareness. They are less likely to follow normal restraints and inhibitions and are more likely to lose their sense of individual identity. Groups can generate a sense of emotional excitement,which can lead to the provocation of behaviours that a person would not typically engage in if alone. Think the last concert you attended,it is unlikely that you would have been yelling and singing the way you were if you were the only person doing it. The group seems to make some behaviors acceptable that would not be acceptable otherwise. I have seen on numerous occasions a group of young men shamelessly cat calling any beautiful girl that happens to be in the vicinity of their lustful eyes. The amount of embarrassment and harassment that these girls undergo is inexplicable. It is just another confirmation that chivalry is as dead as a door nail. Wait,I don’t even think we ever had chivalry in Africa!It is the idea that you are in a group that gives the false sense of security and confidence. Hurling insults at innocent civilians is also inappropriate. They probably get shocked at how the university is succeeding in developing such arrogant, foul-mouthed and insensitive characters. It is just the same when students are out demonstrating after their rights have been violated or their demands not met. It is uncalled for to take this opportunity to destroy people’s  property. It’s no wonder they engage the police in running battles. The police are ruthless in their handling of these so called ‘comrades’ and anyone of them caught gets mercilessly clobbered and bundled into the police truck. It is only when an injured student has been hospitalized that he/she realises the foolishness of his decisions.Wasn’t it said that discretion is the better part of valour? How many times have you thought as a group rather than as an individual?



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