One of the most important things a writer strives to have is the inspiration to write. That mainly goes for creative writers. Being a creative writer is a bit challenging as you have to explain yourself in such a way that the reader will remain captivated till the end. On the other hand,creative writing is enjoyable and highly fulfilling. It’s the only situation you express your heart felt feelings without fear of interruptions or disapproval. One of the ingredients that I have found really important to my writing is the source of inspiration. I have experienced moments in anguish where I badly needed to write but lacked inspiration. My writing has to have a purpose,just as they say everyone has a purpose in life. Inspiration can come from anywhere,even in places you’ve never thought of.


I have learned to master the art of observation,of course not the perfect kind of observation singular only to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s popular character,Sherlock Holmes.I have to observe almost everything,even the minor details. What happens in such cases of observation is that sometimes you imagine you are in movie theatre and what you are observing is the movie. Real life movie. It’s usually really exciting. Some incidences are damn hilarious. Sometimes,I just wanted to be seen and not heard. If it were possible,I would transform into ghost mode where I would have the liberty to just watch and not be watched. There are times when I wished to listen more and talk less. Argue less. This really has been exciting. Recently I have been obsessed with the study of different personalities,and one thing that has helped is letting other people talk more. Let them argue more and think they’ve won an argument. I have been able to learn a lot on how people reason from this method but the only problem is that they’ll think you know less. That’s no problem at all. Knowledge is not something to brag about anyway. My writing in some way is based on how people reason or relate to one another and the environment. Music is also a good source of inspiration. Being an aesthete,I tend to have little music genre bias. Music is the food for the soul. Be it R&B,Rhumba,Classical,Rap,Rock,Trance,House,Taarab,traditional African music;all can trigger inspiration.


Nature is also a main source. The serene atmosphere that nature offers is inspirational. The silent whisper of the wind,the gentle swaying of the tree branches and rustling of the leaves,the melodious chirping of the birds,the rays of the setting sun making everything golden,and the scenic landscapes all inspire me. Creative writing is real fun.


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