It is at 10.30pm.Little activity is going on as most of the folks have retired to bed. The monotonous sounds of the crickets can be heard. I can hear the booming of speakers and try to picture people having fun (drinking and dancing).I am in a contemplative mood and and the absence of noise leaves me deeply engrossed in my philosophical musings. A common phrase suddenly crosses my train of thoughts:  being ‘wild and free’.
What does this phrase really mean? We are all actually free if we manage to keep out of the high prison walls. In reality we are not really as free as we might claim to be. We have been bound by chains we do not see or feel. There are only two people who experienced being wild and free-(The biblical Adam and Eve…that is if they truly existed).
Since the moment we are born, we are not free. You are born to the world…and are obviously expected to conform to its ways, depending on the geographical locations and their respective cultures. Those who dare to deviate from these norms are generally loathed with passion. It’s not surprising given the human aversion to any change of regular routine, while ironically change is inevitable. So we go about our business as usual, not knowing we are actually in a sort of captivity.
What’s my definition of wild and free? Wild and free means being the natural you. Having the freedom of the the mind. One is only free if the mind is not restricted in any way. Allow me to quote some lyrics from rappers Wiz Khalifa and Snoop Dogg’s hit track young, wild and free. The lyrics ;( chorus)
So what we get drunk,
So what we smoke weed,
We just having fun,
We don’t care who sees
So what we go out,
That’s how it’s supposed to be,
Living young and wild and free.

Pop culture is undoubtedly dominant, especially for folks under the age of forty. Going by the lyrics above, many peoples way of freeing themselves from realities is through drugs. In some ways it’s true. When one is high, he/she is likely to have a free mind, though the thinking might be impaired in some way. When we are sober we might not have the freedom to do anything that we like. We might be restricted by routine, the tendency to protect our reputation, our affiliation to a person, group or organization and last but not least the quest to always please others. The world is in essence run by lies. There is this old dictum that when a lie becomes so old it becomes a truth.
The fact that humans tend to lie to each other so much only confirms the way in which we are always trying to make people happy, even though we know they are driving full force to a dangerous dungeon. Though it might hurt, I always prefer to be given an honest opinion on what I really am or on anything that I am doing. I usually try to picture the agony of a bird in a cage. I usually imagine myself as a bird flapping my wings and soaring high up in the sky. The worst thing would be being put in a cage. The bird in the cage has been denied its fundamental right; the right to fly. The bird cage is one of the worst inventions of human history. The same thing to humans. If the mind is not free, however much you may roam around freely, you are in captivity. Liberal people are very few in any given culture. They usually watch in utter shock as the world is run by conservatives. In my opinion, being wild and free means being able to think clearly, without influence from anyone or anything.


8 thoughts on “WILD AND FREE??

  1. Wow. Great thoughts to reflect on. Conformity to the world and its behaviors does place many people in bondage. It is when we resist the norms of society, allowing our minds to think and create, letting them be renewed, that we truly experience freedom. People choose the birdcage because it’s safe, but they gain nothing. Those that choose to fly free are the ones who face failure and rejection, but are the same people who truly live, learn, and grow, ultimately leading to a genuine feeling of joy. Thank you for your wise thoughts. I’m looking forward to sharing these ideas with my friends.


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