For some weeks I have been pondering on how to put these thoughts in writing. Today I had to. One day I was just seated in solitude, deeply engrossed in my thoughts then this question popped in my head: Where does art and beauty stem from? The dictionary defines art as: the conscious production or arrangement of sounds, colour, forms, movements or other elements in a manner that affects the senses and emotions, usually specifically the production of the beautiful in a graphic or plastic medium. Art is then a thing made by men. Be it music, drawings, paintings, dance choreography, landscaping or design. Beauty is defined as the property, quality or state of being ‘that which pleases merely by being perceived’. The connection is that any piece of art is beautiful, so art and beauty go hand in hand.
Art has that aesthetic value that make it appealing to aesthetes all over the globe. What has dawned on me is that artists derive their inspiration from nature, not anything else. The colour, sounds, forms, arrangements all exist in an artistic way. It is as if God landscaped the earth. It is solely for this reason that am usually amazed by atheists’ sheer denial of the existence of God coz nature tells it all. It tells that an artistic hand designed this globe and all that is in it.You will be held in awe at what nature has had to offer us in terms of art. Many adjectives can be used to describe the different tastes of art in nature: grotesque, gothic, magnificent, panoramic. What makes nature unique in its art is that different places on earth have their unique forms of art, be it in the type of animals,insects,flowers,tree species, physical features like mountains, music and archictecture.You will go anywhere and not get bored because you have the art to appreciate. If I had one wish, I’d want to travel around the globe with my camera and just capture the art in nature in form of photographs and videos. I’d do that all my life and never tire of it. It would make me the happiest soul on earth. What has shocked me is that day by day nature is losing its aesthetic value. No not nature: humans. Humans are slowly losing that part of the brain that appreciated nature. I guess in some few years to come we will be no different from robots. Devoid of any sensitivity to nature and its art.Can this be attributed to the technological advancement in this era? Are we putting so much attention on survival, politics, leading a comfortable life than to the beauty of art .I long for those times when we had great painters like Leonardo Da Vinci, sculptors, real singers who didn’t need beats but just instruments like flutes, violin or drums. They had the artistic angelic voices not like in the twenty first century where anyone with a voice can use auto-tune. Have we really revolutionized art??
Someone was sharing a joke that the only thing that is authentic in the world right now are the humans themselves. Well that might be the truth as long as our curious scientists have not figured a way of cloning us!!Are you as shocked at the state of art in the contemporary world as I am?



  1. Great insights again, my friend. All forms of art are valuable and significant. Art tells a story, as does the beauty of nature. It’s seems that today many people are missing the true impact that art and nature can have on a person. I believe we were created to be creative, yet many of us deny this because to be creative means to go against the norms of society. I appreciate your wisdom. Thank you for sharing. One of my favorite books is called “The Pilgrim at Tinker Creek”, and in it the author shares her thoughts on nature and life. Every time I read it an overwhelming sense of joy comes over me. You should check it out.

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