The awkward moment when you and your pals are walking and everyone is deeply engrossed in his/her smartphone.Some are chatting,others viewing funny clips or pics and others googling all sorts of weird stuff.Ironically they’ll claim they were ‘hanging out’.So many people have been enslaved by these gadgets of the digital era,so much that some say they would find it extremely hard to live without.A classic example is at the universities.What happened to the good old times when friends would meet just to talk ,laugh and be happy.The times when jokes were super-authentic and theatre halls were filled to capacity for a much-waited play.Nowadays we silently curse at anyone who forwards a joke that you had read a long long time ago.Why can’t we be creative.Where did creativity go?Remember life is beautified by creative souls.This gadgets are killing our creativity.The art of starting and maintaining a lively conversation is being murdered slowly.I guess soon we’ll all be enrolling for sign language classes!If it were possible,I would dictate the usage of these gadgets and limit their use to three times a week.You may think I have overlooked the numerous benefits of smartphones and tablets.Not at all.For one,it’s right if we use it for all the good reasons,not the opposite.It’s not a surprise to find that a talkative,seemingly confident character on social media is in real life shy and lacking in the social skills required by any sane human.It has really weakened our reasoning ability and taken away our precious moments when we’d reflect on life and get a bit philosophical.Before we sleep we always in the company of the smartphones.It’s a damn good thing God invented sleep.He had probably foreseen the 21st century where humans would be enslaved not by an indefatigable empire but by small gadgets.So those affected,I urge you;today put aside six hours just to be with family or friends…or make it exciting by picking on a random person and making a friend out of him/her.  PS: Remember no emojis,make good use of your facial expressions!



  1. Wise words my friend. I agree that people are losing their creativity, and appreciation for the creative. Deep, meaningful conversations are beginning to disappear. Gadgets, if used wisely, can greatly enrich a person’s life, but too often they consume most of our time and we forget to interact with others face-to-face. Thank you for sharing.

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  2. The modern generation was born in a digital era and unfortunately, rather than taking advantage of the ever advancing technology to upgrade our social,economical,mental and environmental life; we use it to downgrade our IQ, erode our beautiful culture and subject ourselves to stressful social uncertainties! It’s a pity. We’ve embraced this technology well but misplaced it’s relevance.


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