If it were possible I would wish that all African tribes go back to their homeland and live peacefully with their own leaders. The colonialists,despite their endeavors to ensure technological enlightenment in Africa left us with problems we have struggled to solve.A typical African country is home to greedy,powerful government officials who shudder at the thought of losing their posts.These are the fellows who would want to rule till death(thanks to old age).Their insatiable thirst for amassing wealth is astonishing. The same country is filled with poverty stricken citizens and hordes of unemployed youth.It paints a picture of the ruling elite striving to ensure the poor Mwananchi is locked up in the vicious circle of poverty. It seems the political leaders know something that the people don’t. I am opposed to the creation of numerous political factions which in any case only serve to divide the common people. They constantly instigate people against each other when telling them not to tolerate other political ideologies. These are the same fellows who dish out cash(so little) to wretched and hopeless Wananchi to be voted in.Once in power the only time they come near to those who voted them is when speeding past in their sleek tinted cars.Surely this can be stopped if all Kenyans decide they are fed up with such big mouthed and good-for-nothing government officials and politicians.All institutions should be accountable for their activities and transparency ought to reign in all sectors.Kenyans, together we can do it.


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