The hangovers of last year are finally over and now we are fresh and ready to tackle this eventful but equally challenging year.However,there have always been hindrances that prevent us from achieving our hearts’ desires.Below are the five things we should avoid by all means if ever we are to be successful.

The habit of putting off or delaying tasks, usually the important ones prove to be costly eventually. It’s quite interesting that majority of those who have been procrastinating have been doing it out of habit.It’s been said time and again that habit is second nature.You have to prioritize your assignments, starting with the most important ones.Write a to-do list and tackle them one by one.

2)Fear of failure
People cringe at the mere mention of the word failure.They will do everything to avoid being labelled a failure.To be successful you have to venture into the unknown territories and in some cases you may fail terribly.Instead of crushing under the force of failure use it as a learning experience and press on.

3)Setting too many goals
When it’s a new year as a common trend people sit down to write their new year resolutions. Resolutions are a necessity but people make so many of them.When making them take a critical look at them and and evaluate how many you can achieve.Choose those which are achievable.Only bite what you can chew.There is absolutely no reason to overload yourself for nothing.Have clearly defined,organized, achievable goals.

4)Poor planning
It was stated that if you fail to plan then you plan to fail.I say if you fail to plan well you plan to fail.It is usual for someone to plan and later get shocked when the plan bears no fruits.In most cases these is a result of poor planning.Plan your duties expertly taking into consideration all the small details and you will never be disappointed.

5)Comparing yourself to others
Human beings have for long been comparing themselves to others as a way of measuring their level of success.When you compare yourself to your next-door neighbour chances are you will end up drowning in self hate as you will see yourself as inferior.This will not augur well with your future.The bright ideas you once had will start vanishing into the thin air.Never compare to anyone…march on straight towards your goal without turning a head.


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